Feb 4, 2008

MTB weekend

Great weekend for mountain biking, the weather got a little warmer and the rain got rid of most of the remaining snow. There was some ice left, which played an interesting role in my ride but ultimately the conditions were great! I went out Saturday and Sunday morning for a couple hours each time. Matt and I founds some nice trails to play on Saturday where there were a few different lines you could take depending on how adventurous you wanted to be. I ended up falling quite a bit since the icy spots would come without warning and tip you over. Ultimately it wasn't too bad until on the way back I hit a bad spot while descending at speed and landed pretty hard. My neck is still pretty sore and I wacked my head pretty good. Fortunately I had my helmet on, so the damage wasn't too bad. I did destroy my front wheel though, snapping a few spokes on impact. Limping out after that, more and more spokes would pop out as I went. I had to squeeze the rim brakes the whole time to help keep the wheel aligned and straight. I was getting nervous that the wheel would collapse at any moment. I forgot to take a picture, but there weren't many spokes left on one side by the time we got to the truck.

Sunday morning, I swapped out a wheel from my other bike and headed out again. I picked up one of my younger cousins and took him along. He did very well considering it was his first time on clipless pedals!


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