Feb 11, 2008

A new league..

Starting tonight, I'm back in the volleyball game with an all new team. Things are looking pretty good on paper, we have a bunch of good players. My friend Greg is on the team as well as a bunch of players I've met over the last few months and I know most of them are good. It remains to be seen where the weaknesses will be however I'm sure it will be fun and we'll be good enough to get into the playoffs again. Let's hope for a better showing this time!

I also got a solid weekend of mountain biking in, heading out on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, we got enough snow on Saturday to make it tough going Sunday morning. Matt and Josh and I got a long ride in Saturday morning with a bit of excitement when one of Josh's dogs tangled with a hiker's dog. Fortunately, the other dog was the aggressor and we were able to separate them without any damage done.
A couple shots from this weekend, I'm loving taking the BlackBerry with me and getting the chance to take some photos. Hopefully as things get warmer and the snow melts I can get some more cool shots since right now it's just riding around in the woods without a lot of tough lines to try out.


Anonymous,  1:26 PM  

Best of luck with your Volley ball. Most the fans across the globe and far off lands want you to win this Championship.

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