Mar 11, 2008

MTB upgrade

I finally ordered the disc brakes that I've been looking at for a while. They are the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes that should bolt on in place of my current v-brakes. The main consideration for me is inclement weather riding, when v-brake or rim brakes get cold and wet they don't stop very well. This weekend, I again lost brakes at a downhill and managed to get off the trail in a spot where I could stop without killing myself.

Upgrading to disc brakes requires a few changes, but I've already started the process. My new replacement frame has the tabs needed to mount the brake cylinders and pads on the rear, the previous frame didn't. My front fork will also support disc mounts and when I recently had to replace my front tire I got a hub that was dual-purpose so I could attach the disc brakes if I chose them. I suspect my one remaining issue will be the rear hub, I'm going to be doing a little research to try and find the most economical way to mount the rear discs on the wheel.

The mechanical disc brakes don't require new cables and levers like a hydraulic version one at the expense of some braking power. They are as good as v-brakes, just not the big stopping power of a hydraulic set. They're also a lot cheaper both to purchase and install, and I'm hoping to be able to do most of the work myself. I'll post some pictures of the new setup when I get it working.


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