Mar 5, 2008

Under a 100 days...

My uncle pointed out that we have less than a 100 days to go until Mooseman, I guess I'd better get serious.

I've just this week made some serious changes to my diet, it's time to refocus and take the next step down. I've plateaued over the last year around 220, and I need to make a significant effort to change this. I'm doing a sort of South Beach diet approach where I cut almost all carbs for a couple of weeks to try and break my sugar addiction. This approach worked to get me started almost 4 years ago when I dropped from 260 plus to where I am now.

I also need to start riding more regularly and running consistently now. Over the winter I've done what I could to stay active and enjoy myself. The swimming and mountain biking have kept me going and I've enjoyed it. I don't want to get too serious, but with an Olympic and 1/2 Iron distance triathlon back to back I need to be in significantly better shape. It's time to get back to consistent morning workouts at the gym in addition to riding and volleyball.


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