Mar 11, 2008

Volleyball update

A mixed evening for me... we won all three games, but I didn't play great. The games weren't real close, we played a pretty poor team and won handily while even fooling around a bit. The first game we only rotated four times, I never got to serve and we won big even after relaxing and letting them get 5 straight points on there serve while we were at 24 points. Final score was around 25-8 I think, and it really wasn't even that close as we started to try and get fancy instead of focusing on the game. The second and third game were closer, as we tried tougher serves or getting better passes, but it was clear the whole time that we were going to win all three.

I played poorly the first game, whiffing completely on one spike, and making a bad pass from the back row. Most of the game was standing around while the other team muffed our serve return, so it was hard to get into a flow and it didn't feel like we even got warmed up. Things got a bit better later in the third game, but it wasn't until we started pickups that I could get going a bit. I made a couple good plays, and got stuffed a few times, but it was fun. I also managed to crash and run over another player and got my finger sliced on her earring but it wasn't too bad. Fun night overall, but I'm looking forward to better games next week.


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