Mar 10, 2008

Spin up

It feels great to get back to a good spin class, what a difference the instructor makes! I was back in the gym for a Monday spin class for the first time in a few months, and got my butt kicked. With Volleyball league on Monday night, it's a bit tough to do Mon. or Tues. morning spin, which is when the tough teacher is there. It's a totally different mindset the other days of the week, where it's work for a song, then take a break and have some water. Deb stays on you the whole time, making you work harder and harder. We finished with a full on sprint where she walked us through the process similar to the end of the race when you are going for the line. High resistance, start standing and sit as your legs get fully spun up. I was very close to puking at the end of 30 seconds but it felt great when we were done.
I also managed to get out on the mountain bike this weekend with my brother and two cousins. It was cold, in the high teens, and very muddy since it's been raining quite a bit. Overall not too bad, although Justin had a tough time when he crashed over the handlebars crossing a stream and landed face first in about a foot of water. It's tough to warm back up, and we had to swap out some gloves to keep his hands warm towards the end of the ride.
The poor kid was having trouble figuring out which way to go the whole morning :)

We also saw some more animals than usual yesterday morning, a good sized doe crossed our trail and the dogs went tearing after her. They didn't have much luck, and returned shortly only to get distracted a few minutes later by this. A fisher cat cut across the trail about 5o feet in front of Justin and I and once again one of the dogs went running after it. I tried to call it back since I don't think that it would really want to mess with the cat, but fortunately it didn't catch up anyway. There was some debate when my brother caught up about what it was, but seeing this picture now, it was definitely a fisher cat. It was a good ride overall, even with the muddy conditions. Hopefully it will continue to warm and we can get some better rides in.
Volley ball tonight, if I'm lucky my legs will be recovered by then...


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