Mar 18, 2008


Another week, another 3-0 set... ho hum.

We actually had a lot of fun last night, the second game was very hard fought and we had some long volleys. The final results were good too, we won all three and still have not lost a game since the first week of the season. Our record is something like 17-1 I believe, I'm not sure how many weeks we've played so far.

It's fun being on a dominating team, however we have had a few lapses lately where we played down a little bit or screw around. This almost cost us the second game last night as we were a bit lazy or trying to get to fancy and ended up in a tight game. As the game got closer to the end, we played some nice volleys and went back and forth but ultimately found ourselves on the lower end of a 23-21 score. After we won the serve to get to 23-22, the other team took a timeout and we talked about focusing on getting 3 points for the win. I was on the front line, and got two straight kills to get us to 24 points, then hit one just wide to give them the serve back tied at 24 apiece. We got the win when there server hit it just long and my teammate in the back row jumped out of the way at the last minute! It was a great game and a lot of fun! As is often the case, the losing team let's down a bit after a close game and we pulled away to win the final game easily.

Personally, I felt that I played pretty well. I tried to focus on bumping with my arms flat and it definitely worked much better! It made a huge difference in my passing, however it was easy to fall back into old habits in the craziness of a game. I talked to myself before every point, and if I received the serve I was able to make a good pass. I messed up a bit on some subsequent plays if the volley went long as I would drift back into the old habit, but overall I was very pleased with the difference. On the front line, I also played quite well. My blocking and hitting are both improving and I can consistently get an attack off. I don't always get a kill, but if I have a bad angle I can usually put it in a good spot to at least make the return tougher on the other team.

Just a few more weeks until playoffs...


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