Mar 12, 2008

Volleyball skills?

I've been mentioning in my posts for a while that I feel like the two weaknesses in my game are passing accuracy from the back row and blocking, and so I've tried to do a little research on technique. This morning at the gym, my uncle gave me a good tip for passing. He suggested that I focus on turning my arms out more so that instead of bumping with the side of the arm, I bump with the underside. In essence, focus on twisting the arms out when I bump since there is a bigger surface area and you have better control over where the pass goes. I've been focusing on bending my legs and getting solidly under the ball, but I think he's right in that I can't be consistent without changing my arm technique a bit.

I tried doing a little research online for technique tips or instructions and found some interesting stuff on suggested bump drills and things to practice. I also founds some cool videos here and this cool online book put up by Google. Starting on page 29 of the book is a good description of how to bump, and I'm going to try and keep most of that in mind, specifically focusing on getting a good platform to hit the ball with, for next Monday.


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