Mar 1, 2007

February Summary

February was a good month... I got some solid training in and even got to run in a race!

Swim - 8,500 yards - 3 hours
Bike - 289 miles - 15 1/2 hours
Run - 38 miles - 6 1/2 hours
Other (Yoga) - 10 1/2 hours

My overall volume is down for biking and running, and swimming is up just a bit. Still not enough swimming, but I can't really add too much without getting into a different pool. The chances of that seem to decline every day, so at this point I'm just hoping to "tread water" until I can get out in the lake in the spring :)

Biking is still solid overall, the snow has hurt the amount of time I can spend outside and thus it's down a bit from last month, I need to bump up my long rides on the trainer a bit more in March in order to have the endurance base in April to put in the really long rides outside. Overall, I feel like I'm in a pretty good place on the bike.

Running is increasingly in my comfort zone... down a bit this month in terms of volume, but this is again due to crummy weather outside. I was pleased that the 1/2 marathon that I did showed a respectable time for the course given I hadn't specifically trained. From my perspective this means I'm gaining the fitness to go out and run 13 miles whenever I feel like it, a far cry from where my running was a year ago!

The big addition this month was the Yoga, a program of 3 classes during the week, and some additional time on my own. I think this is making a big difference for me in both core strength and flexibility. It's also helping my body composition as I'm losing weight and building more muscle. Overall, my body just feels better! I would definitely recommend Yoga to anyone that asks as a good way to feel better, and add both strength and flexibility. One recommendation is, this site offers a free download of a 1 hour yoga program every day. Very cool and useful for trying Yoga on your own at home. I use it occasionally for my home practice, and my wife uses it a few times a week.

Goals for March are increased run frequency and building my bike to 3 1/2 hours.


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