Mar 26, 2007

Scantic Splash

Cold, really really cold... but fun. That's how I would describe the canoe race I did on Saturday with my brother. It was the 5 mile long Scantic Spring Splash that finishes with a series of 4-5 drops of a few feet each right before the finish line. The photo below is in the final 100 feet of the race being watched by a couple hundred people, most of whom are on the same side as the picture is taken from.
The race was a blast, and we only went in the water twice. Twice in 34 degree water that is, it took your breath away when you hit it. I wore my wetsuit underneath the shirt, and managed to be a bit comfortable after I got back in the boat, but it was pretty cold while I was under. There were 3 sets of rapids, and we flipped in the first two. Fortunately for us, we got it figured out in time for the last set where most of the people were, including my aunt with her camera. We finished in 5 place out of 16 boats in our class. Not bad for the first time in a canoe together in probably 10 years with my brother.

Edit.. pics here
and more pics


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