Mar 6, 2007

More on my month to come

I'm feeling a bit re-energized with the idea of having to run a LOT this month. I'm now at day 2 of the 15 days in a row and I don't think I'll have any trouble keeping this up. The larger issue will be hitting a 100 miles total for the month. Currently at 8 miles, I'll need to average over 3 1/2 miles a day for the rest of the month to hit that goal. If I can get a few 10 mile runs in over the weekend, I can get ahead of pace and make things a bit easier.

Ideally, I should go right from my spinning class in the morning directly to the treadmill. This gets a 'brick' workout in (practicing the transition from bike to run that I will do in a triathlon) and it lets me get the run out of the way for the day. I can occasionally get another run in later in the day or evening, but things are usually a bit less flexible later in the day. This would also allow for 2 a days, a good way to get in extra mileage without totally beating up my legs with extra long workouts.

Next week is scheduled to be a run focus week, and I have the race on Saturday so I'm thinking a 25-30 mile week might be in the cards. My current weekly high for running is 26 miles, achieved back in September... hitting a 100 for the month is definitely going to be a challenge!

One of the reasons for this challenge as I mentioned was the idea that I needed to kickstart both my motivation and weight loss goals. Implicit in that is the requirement that my diet improves, at least a little bit. I still struggle with eating healthy, as years of bad habits are still a bit hard to break. Things have certainly improved, I'm bringing my lunch to work to make sure that I get a good lunch, and I've tried to eat a bit less at dinner. Desserts are still my bane however, including the 2 pieces of pie I ate last night! I'll keep working on it though....


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