Mar 12, 2007

Solid Week

Well... it was a good weekend. I've kept to the running every day, I'm currently at 8 days and counting and I've made a good start on hitting 100 miles. As of today, the 12th, I have 41 miles complete, requiring me to average 3.1 miles a day from here on out. I've changed my thinking a bit in that it actually seems harder to get a run in every day than it will be to hit the mileage target. It's a bit of a grind to get on the treadmill every day and crank out a few miles with all the other stuff I have going on, but going for a long run on Saturday or Sunday feels good. I can make up a lot of distance pretty easily if I run 6 miles plus 3 days a week as opposed to trying to run 3 every day.

This past week, I hit 32 1/2 miles plus over 100 miles on the bike. I've also reached over 24 hours for the month, and I'm projected to put in my biggest month ever. In the meantime I just keep feeling better and better.


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