Mar 23, 2007

Looking ahead to biking

I'm going to try and focus on biking in April, much like I focused on running this month. Towards that end, I decided to buy a rack for my bike so that I can do a lot more commuting to work, adding a 40 mile minimum round trip to my day.

This seems like a good way to get more miles in and also save a bit of money on gas and wear and tear on my truck. My office has a gym with a shower, so I just need to bring a change of clothes and I can take a shower when I get to work. I commuted a few times a month last year and it's a real pain with a backpack. It gets heavy and hurts your back a bit and it's really hot during the summer on your back.
I also ordered a new helmet, since the one I have is old and rather cheap and it seemed like a good idea to have a spare on hand.


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