Mar 28, 2007

Still in the running

Well, another 11 mile plus run yesterday brings me up over 90 miles, so it looks like I may get to 100 after all for the month. The other really good thing is the frequency, I've run over 21 days so far this month and can get close to 25 if I really try. I think the regularity of the runs have really helped my legs recover better and better as they are getting used to the running. The other good test was the 2 runs in 3 days of over 10 miles each. I was feeling tired towards the end yesterday, but I feel mostly recovered today. Hoping to get another mid-length run in tomorrow... we'll see how I feel after that.

Also anticipating the Mooseman race coming up in June... I plotted out the bike course on gmap-pedometer. Gmap is a pretty cool tool that lets you plot courses with elevation and distance, I use it to map out bike and run routes. Check out the Mooseman bike course, or the Ironman bike course. Just a few hills :)


Jamie,  6:15 PM  

Wow, I've heard that the bike course starts off w/ some pretty steep hills... but seeing it all graphed out sure does motivate me to go out there and practice my climbing!

Two months to go!

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