Jan 4, 2007

December and Year End Totals

Fun time of year, I get to check out how much work I did over the past 12 months.... it has been a good year, and is trending upwards.

December 2006

  • Swim - 5,500 - 2.5 hours
  • Bike - 350 mi - 20.5 hours
  • Run - 42 mi - 9.5 hours

Biking was a good month for me, much of it on a mountain bike as I spent a lot of time on Soapstone mountain with my brother. Running was decent, I need to maintain this as a minimum amount.

Here's the Year End Totals

  • Swim - 43,200 yards - 13.5 hours

Swimming is actually down a bit from 2005 as I was a bit frustrated with my progress, and I didn't feel the time investment was worth it. This number clearly has to go up quite a bit in order for me to swim well.

  • Bike - 2,046 miles - 121. hours

This was a huge improvement for me, as I was under 1,000 miles in 2005. I've become much more comfortable on my bike and really enjoy riding. I'm hoping to increase this again, and my goal is to ride to work quite a bit more this year to help get in some extra miles and just have fun. Overall, biking has become my favorite of the 3 sports and something that has become a real stress reliever for me.

  • Run - 463 miles - 86.5 hours

Another big jump for 2006, in 2005 I only ran 200 miles. Running has even become fun at times, and I have occasionally hit the zone where I felt like I could just keep running forever. Definitely a breakthrough year for me, and I hope to focus on running again next year. Just for fun I plotted out a trip to see how far I had run, and 463 miles takes me almost to Ohio from my house! Pretty cool!

Overall, a great year with stretching, strength training and general aerobic training I was just over 275 hours for the year. Goal for 2007 is 350 hours, that's probably a bit ambitious, but we'll see how it goes.


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