Jan 12, 2007

Goals for Week of January 14 - 20

Prep Phase - Week 2 of 6

The focus for this week is running, I will be running five days which will also boost my mileage a bit. A couple of these runs will be part of a brick workout where I bike first and so won't be a long run, but the frequency is important I think. I'm hoping to start the Saturday long brick as well, which will be a short run after the long bike and eventually evolve into the race simulation brick.

Key Workouts
Swim - 1 mile or 45 minutes continuous.
Bike - 2:15 ride, trying to stay consistent at this duration for the prep period
Run - 1:30 + increased frequency

In addition to the key workouts, I need to stay focused on getting in a workout at least 6 days a week to increase my consistency. I've noticed that on the days I workout, I also eat better.


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