Jan 29, 2007

Summary for Week of 1/21 to 1/28

Very solid bike week, I spent a lot of time on the bike in various permutations. Spinning classes, trainer and mountain biking all week, I ended up with 145 miles total and 8 hours. The mileage is a bit off since I plug in a formula for trainer and spin time, but it should represent effort fairly well.

I had my longest ride on the trainer on Saturday, spending 2 1/2 hours spinning in the basement. Not a lot of fun, but overall I was pleased with how I felt. I had to stop more from boredom than from lack of energy so that was a good sign. It was a struggle to stay in the aerobars however, so I suspect my neck will be sore the first few times out on the road.

Mountain biking was also a bit of a breakthrough for me this week as well, although I crashed pretty hard again. I've gotten to the point where I can spin up the hills pretty well and my legs can handle most of the inclines. Big rocks, or tough lines cause me to have to stop or pull off, but I feel like my legs can handle it. I'm really enjoying the rides too, which helps to get in the extra time without feeling like a burden. Although not entirely specific to triathlon training, I think it's been a really good part of my routine.

Good week, and I'm approaching 40 hours of training for the month of January... I'll post the monthly totals later this week.


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