Jan 22, 2007

Summary for Week of 1/14 to 1/20

Solid week, but I feel beat today. I needed to take yesterday off completely, and I'm still feeling sore today. The focus on running really paid off I think, I had a breakthrough run on Friday night. Part of that was due to the sun starting to go down, and being a ways from home but I was also in the right place mentally to really push. The run was 7 miles, not my longest, but I was running hard the whole time.

That followed up with a long day mountain biking on Saturday was enough to make my legs feel pretty rough for a day or two. While I didn't get the quantity in that I wanted I did manage to get 3 quality run days in, which I think is more important in the long run. Hopefully I will recover a bit more from Yoga today so that I can get in a solid bike week before my recovery week next week.

Consistency and effort are improving... I'm feeling good!


Jenn 10:01 PM  

This looks great! I am glad it is going well for you. The endorphins are like crack. Tough to wean off them. It has been rough going in the freezing cold here - it takes 6 layers to get out the door, but well worth it. I am slated for the Buffalo Marathon in May - small group, fast course. Looking for a 3:30 or so. Just being on a program will help keep things on track. Good luck with this. Keep it up. J

Mangold DW 9:18 AM  

Thanks, the program helps along with the posting... especially if I know people are reading! It makes me feel accountable :)

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