Jan 20, 2007

Saturday at Case

What a blast mountain biking today!

Myself, Matt, Josh and Bruce went over to Case Mountain for a nice long ride in the snow. We had gotten an inch or so this week, and I hoped much of it had melted off to allow for decent traction. There were some spots that were melted, but it was pretty slick for the most part. We took the blue/yellow trail in, which has some tough single track with a lot of tough little sections. One area has a pretty good drop and then a sharp turn at the bottom where we all took turns crashing. Bruce got his foot stuck as he went over the bars nicely and rolled with the bike. Matt got the "clean" award since as he was thrown over the bars he jumped clear of the bike and managed to roll nicely.

After a bit more riding, the fun began. First, Bruce wrapped the rear derailleur around his wheel, so we ended up converting his bike to a single speed. Unfortunately, the chain was so twisted that it kept riding down the cogs and then falling off. The only alternative at that point was to put the chain all the way to the right... or the toughest gear. Bruce went to work on his power :) Then Josh's crank arm fell off, so he practiced 1 legged drills for a while. We managed to reattach it, but it would stay on for shorter and shorter periods of time until we finally had to leave it off. Then of course we got a bit lost coming back and took the long way. Finally, to cap off the day, Bruce got a flat tire as we headed down the fire road to the truck!

All in all though, we had a great time and enjoyed the beef stew provided by Heather when we got home!


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